Sustainability is an important corporate principle for us. We take responsibility for using the chemicals and energy required for the coating process in the most environmentally friendly and resource-conserving way possible.

Our environmental management system is certified according to DIN EN ISO 14001.

Economic sustainability

Economically oriented work, high internal quality standards and constant investment in safety and technical progress are important cornerstones for us. In our industry, we see ourselves as a driver of innovation.

Ecological sustainability

We have set ourselves the goal of continuously and sustainably reducing our environmental impact and energy consumption in compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

For us, it is a voluntary commitment to optimize energy and resource consumption. We attach great importance to the continuous improvement of processes while maintaining maximum process reliability and stability.

We ensure resource-conserving production and targeted water-saving measures.

Social sustainability

The safety and health of our employees is our top priority. Our workforce and also service providers are continuously trained in occupational safety and fire protection in the workplace.

A pleasant and sustainable working environment forms the basis for a healthy, satisfied and motivated workforce. In our premises, we take various measures to ensure a healthy and pleasant indoor climate.

The satisfaction of our employees is reflected in their long-standing loyalty to the company.

Societal sustainability

Social commitment is important to us. That is why we support a variety of social projects that are close to the hearts of us and our employees.

Sustainability at Sigrist

Employee health

The (back) health of our employees is important to us. As an alternative to the classic office chair, we offer different seating options such as three-dimensionally movable office stools or gymnastic balls and have height-adjustable desks – for healthy and active working.

Company bike leasing

By offering our employees a company bike, we are making a contribution to their health and promoting sustainable mobility at the same time. Cycling to work on an e-bike exercises the circulation and strengthens the immune system. By reducing CO2 emissions, the environment is protected.

Bäume filtern klimaschädliches Kohlendioxid aus der Atmosphäre und halten die Luft rein. Zudem erhöhen sie die Luftfeuchtigkeit und tragen zur Verschattung und Kühlung der innerstädtischen Flächen bei. 

Outdoor facilities

With green areas in our outdoor facilities, we actively contribute to climate protection and the preservation of biodiversity. We attach importance to plants that are appropriate to the location and insect-friendly, as well as woody plants and hedges that provide food and nesting sites for birds.

Photovoltaic systems

We use our photovoltaic systems for our own consumption on workdays and feed the electricity into the grid on weekends and holidays.

Healthy indoor climate

The ceiling-high greenery with a green wall by art aqua creates an atmosphere like in a park. In addition, it provides a natural air conditioning of the room, the plants bind pollutants from the air and produce oxygen.

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