In Sigrist’s E-Plate division, we specialize in technical precious metal coatings. The most important application areas are electronics and electrical engineering, measurement and control as well as medical technology.

We according to coat customer specifications, stand for first-class quality and work on innovative solutions that revolutionize the limits of electroplating.

“A couple dance of ions, anodes and cathodes, a touch of a layer, Electrolytic poem.“


Unsere Kompetenzen im Überblick


Sigrist stands for the highest quality and excellent functionality in the finishing of connectors in electronics and electrical engineering, as well as springs and contact parts in the automotive sector.

Special applications

We create specific and innovative solutions for special requirements in electroplating.

Medical technology

As a specialist for precious metal alloys in Pforzheim, we offer our customers individual solutions for numerous medical technology applications and their electroplating.

Musical instruments

In southern Germany, Sigrist is one of the leading surface coaters for trumpets, clarinets and oboes.

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