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„Together we  are big, Jointly we go ahead.
To  bliss, to fortune, to the goal. Negative and positive pole“

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Our family-run company based in Pforzheim stands for outstanding quality, subject specific competence and extremely satisfied customers in the field of metal finishing and surface coating. Innovative technologies and a highly qualified team ensure continuous progress in the market of electroplating.

We are continuously developing our range of applications. For the benefit of our customers, we are never satisfied with what we have achieved.

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1938: Foundation of Küffner OHG Galvanische Anstalt

The Sigrist family business has its roots in the traditional Pforzheim jewelry industry. The Gold City of Pforzheim, the center of the jewelry and watchmaking industry in Germany, was home to many electroplating companies early on. This was also the case with the Küffner OHG Galvanische Anstalt.

1979: Takeover of the Küffner company and development of the SIGRIST E-PLATE division

Dieter Sigrist took over the Küffner OHG Galvanische Anstalt in 1979. The first division SIGRIST E-PLATE is founded. E-PLATE stands for electroplating or in German galvanizing

1985: Change of name to Sigrist GmbH

In the 1980s, the company’s focus is primarily on jewelry and glasses coatings. Today, Sigrist specializes in technical precious metal coatings. The most important areas of application are electronics, electrical engineering, measurement and control technology, and medical as well as addition, the company is one of the leading surface coaters for musical instruments such as trumpets and clarinets.

2005: Foundation of the SIGRIST E-FORM division

Inspired by a customer request, the SIGRIST E-FORM division is established in 2005. E-FORM stands for Electroforming. Together with customers, individual solutions for electroforming projects are developed from design to series production. Today, Sigrist is one of the global market leaders for cold serial shields and bellows.

2015: Foundation of SOMI medical GmbH

The youngest part of the Sigrist Group is founded in 2015. SOMI medical is a specialist in the field of conception and realization of individual cleaning and sterile packaging solutions.

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Our excellent reputation is based on our employees. Each and every one of them shapes Sigrist GmbH in Pforzheim into a great whole.

We offer you the perfect solution for every application. Just contact us!

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