We support “Emergency Aid Ukraine”!

March 2022

We support “Emergency Aid Ukraine”!

After the war against Ukraine started a week ago, the destruction in the country and the suffering of the people who fear for their lives and their future are already enormous. In addition, large parts of the population are already fleeing and the number is increasing every day.

That's why we donated €5,000 to "Aktion Deutschland Hilft". This alliance of German aid organisations provides medical supplies, food, psychosocial and financial support, hygiene packages, emergency shelters and much more in the war zone.

You too can help, any further donation – financial or material – is definitely welcome.

December 2021

Christmas party at the Calypso dinner show in the Pforzheim Gasometer

A special highlight was Christmas party, which this week took place at the Calypso dinner show in the Gasometer Pforzheim. The employees were able to experience a true "feast for all the senses" in a grandiose ambience.

Calypso was a successful combination of a spectacular show, culinary enjoyment and an elaborate light and sound staging. The Parkhotel Pforzheim's kitchen conjured up a fine four-course menu. Between the individual courses, the acrobatic, artistic and dance performances by international top artists on a 360 ° stage were a delight.

Truly a feast for the senses and a wonderful and extraordinary evening that colleagues will not soon forget.

Christmas party at the Calypso dinner show in the Pforzheim Gasometer
We support the socio-pedagogical residential communities in Karlsruhe

March 2021

We support the socio-pedagogical residential communities in Karlsruhe

At the suggestion of our employee Markus Doerflinger, this month we are supporting the Sozialpädagogische Wohngemeinschaften Karlsruhe, a facility run by Reha-Südwest gGmbH, with a donation of 5,000 euros.

In one of the residential groups, his son Tim is cared for full-time along with numerous other residents due to his complex impairment. The primary goal of the staff and caregivers is to offer the children and young people a family situation and an atmosphere "just like home". A new building is currently under construction and is expected to be occupied this year. This opens up a wide range of possibilities for a meaningful use of our donation - which thus directly benefits the residents.

February 2021

Another donation for Aktion Deutschland Hilft!

200 million women and girls worldwide - mostly in Northeast, East and West Africa, but as many as 50,000 in Germany - suffer almost their entire lives from the consequences of female genital mutilation (FGM). Since 2003, every year on February 6, the international day against female genital mutilation, attention is drawn to this crime, which is considered a violation of human rights and is punishable in most countries.

Aktion Deutschland Hilft campaigns worldwide for the rights of women and girls, and also the company Sigrist from Pforzheim supports them with a donation of €5,000.

Another donation for Aktion Deutschland Hilft!
Successful completion

January 2021

The air is clean - and virus-free!

For a few days now, four new devices called "iO+" have been ensuring a pleasant indoor climate "like fresh air" in our production and administration departments. They also eliminate 99.9% of all viruses, particles and pollutants. This is realized by a patented process combination. With the help of UV lamps, electrostatic and catalytic filtration, the air is treated to "zero contamination" in the first step. In the second step, an effective combination of ionization and activated oxygen ensures that the room air itself acts as a protective barrier, removing all aerosols, particles, viruses from the air at the point of origin.

The technology was developed by Proactiveair GmbH and partners as a contribution to eliminating the risk of infection in rooms with a high frequency of people. Of course, it is not only suitable for offices, but also for living rooms, restaurants, day-care centers, schools and medical practices.


Detailed information about the company and the revolutionary technology of the "iO+" can be found at  - We are convinced, just try it!

January 2021

Aktion Deutschland helps Yemen - we help a lot!

A civil war has been raging in Yemen for many years, with the civilian population suffering the most. The result is a starvation catastrophe for 80 % of the people, including more than 12 million children! In addition, the Corona pandemic is exacerbating the situation on the ground.

We have supported "Aktion Deutschland hilft" with a donation of 5,000 € as emergency aid for Yemen and hope to make a small contribution to improving the situation in Yemen.

Aktion Deutschland helps Yemen - we help a lot!
Successful completion

July 2020

Successful completion

The entire Sigrist team warmly congratulates our colleague Melis Caliskan, who passed her last exams with flying colors and successfully completed her training as an office management assistant in our company.
We are very pleased that Ms. Caliskan will remain with us in the future and will support the colleagues at SOMI in the areas of administration, organization and logistics with great motivation from August.
As a reward for our now "former trainee", besides the congratulations of the entire team, there was also a beautiful orchid from training manager Diana Bohnenberger as a small reminder of this great end.

So the professional life can now start fully.

December 2019

New production site for SOMI

12/13/2019: As a subsidiary of Sigrist GmbH, SOMI is setting up a new production facility with strong regional craft business partners in Pforzheim, Karlsruher Straße 24 (Wilferdinger Höhe).

The modern production facility for ultra-fine cleaning and assembly of medical products under clean room conditions (class 7) will be finalized to the end of 2nd quarter 2020 and will have a footprint of around 3,000 m².

Neuer Fertigungsstandort SOMI
2017 Auszubildende Sigrist GmbH

December 2018

Merry Christmas

We will be giving up Christmas presents again this year and have donated to the relief campaign of the Pforzheimer Zeitung "Menschen in Not" and to the Bärenherz Stiftung for seriously ill children.

We sincerely thank you for the pleasant cooperation and wish you a Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy and successful New Year.

October 2018

Health Day with the AOK Baden-Württemberg!

For all employees on the second day of health in cooperation with the AOK Baden-Württemberg the company Sigrist was able to check and evaluate relevant factors for the current state of health or stress at various stations in the building - even during working hours!

Our company physician carried out a quick test to determine blood lipid levels. The biozoom sensor was used to determine the antioxidants that provide information about how fit your own body's defenses are. Employees of the company Mehrwert informed about the importance of the fascia for the widespread back and neck problems.

2017_Gesundheitstag TK Sigrist GmbH
2017 Auszubildende Sigrist GmbH

September 2018

Highlight at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards

Together with Gieske Studios we are very proud to get presented the Silver Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards - in the highest category of "Corporate Films and Videos"! A special prize for a special film that all employees were very happy about and once again proves that our company is always up to date and loves creative minds. At this point again a big thank you to the Gieske Studios for the outstanding cooperation.

January 2018

Our new colleague "Frida" is ready to start

Frida is the new pilot plant that was designed and built by WalterLemmen for surface modifications of titanium and stainless steel components. After cleaning, processes for activation, etching, color and black anodization of titanium materials are available. In addition we have electropolish options. We will start with stainless steel, but as an option we plan to to offer electropolishing for titanium as well.

The system is designed for small to medium series. The main focus is on medical technology, but we also see applications for electronic components and applications for measurement and control technology.

2017_Gesundheitstag TK Sigrist GmbH